Nature of Government

More and more people are questioning the legitimacy of many government actions and policies or even in some cases, the government itself and how it functions. I say “it” because even though there are many different governments, different jurisdictions and boundaries of governments, one way or another we all end up dealing with one form of government or another, and usually “it” is not something that we chose to have or necessarily feel that we need to have in many situations. At the same time, many people will often see a problem say that “the government should do something about this.” So, since many problems and challenges that we face in life often seam to be either caused by some negligence of government or an apparent misuse or abuse of government powers, such as discrimination or seemingly unnecessary policing and law enforcement, this is a major social issue effecting us all.

This page is here to inspire and introduce the discussion of the nature of government, so that we can actually examine what government is, where it comes from, what is good for (what use there is for government) and the many different types and styles of government, currently operating and historically, including Indigenous traditional government (if it may be called that). There will be many overlaps between this page and the Law Studies page, for obvious reasons, so there will be and should be frequent links between discussions started in these two pages.

It is our hope at Pangea Research, that people can approach the the subject of the Nature of Government in a way that we will be able to see many sides and aspects of this.  Although it may seam like a simple thing to some, such as “powerful people forcing their will on those less powerful”, there are various levels of influence that we each have in the governments that operate in our areas. There will be discussion posted here about how governments are formed and why, and what makes a state or a nation-state. These terms will be dissected and examined along with everything that goes along with it, so that we can together become better equipped with knowledge of the functions of governments that are currently in place and their flaws, and the options that we have to either form new alternative governments or to revive some more indigenous rooted government models.