Local Economy/Subsistence

The most important economy anywhere is usually the locally based economy, even though it is not seen that way by enough people. Here at Pangea Research we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of people all over the world by assisting in growing thriving resilient local economies in every community that we can reach.

Pangea is about empowering people to constructively work toward meaningful life improvements by by providing tools and networking assistance to make collaborations easier and more effective.  Here in the Local Economy page, we are working on building tools for helping people to grow their economic prosperity, in ways that are more locally based and more sustainable in the long run. We will especially support initiatives that make communities more environmentally conscious and efficient with the use of resources available, and we can and will create jobs without the need of “Fortune 500” world biggest multinational corporations being the only way for people to make a living in the place they call home.

We will be listing local regions, similar to Craigslist, and in each region category we will have basically two main options for listings. There will be a “Products and Services Offered” option, for listing products or services that a supplier or provider in that area would like to make available or is already providing, and there will be a “Desired Products and Services” option for people to list what it is that they would like to be able to get from a local source. This will help people to be able to more easily get connected with and involved with supporting their local producers and service providers and thereby create stronger more resilient local economies, so that there will be more meaningful employment and a preservation and cultivation of valuable crafts and skills in the local community.

We especially want to emphasize the need for development and support for local sources of the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing and natural medicine. The world is in a very precarious condition in general right now because too many people, if not nearly all people, are far too dependent on the large multinational corporations for providing us with the basic necessities of life. Most of us are dependent upon such large corporations or government jobs to provide us with the income to be able to afford these basic necessities, and many are dependent on government welfare programs. This makes our communities vulnerable to economic upheavals and political power plays that can effect all of us and leave us very few option for how to survive without bowing to the whims of the big corporation offering the only jobs available, or the latest government assistance trend.


Northern California Coast – Local Economy, Community Bulletin