Collaborations and Projects

This is a place for posting collaborative planning ideas and start dialogues, or to post updates of upcoming events related to Collaborations and projects of all levels from community meetings to international coordinated events and public service and public engagement campaigns.

Feel free to post your projects and collaboration plans and ideas here, along with any related link to the discussion boards or group page on another networking site, such as, or, or

As we develop this site we will continue to ad features and tools to help our users to accomplish their networking and publishing goals.

To assist you in posting and hosting new collaborations and projects, we have provided the social networking feature, called Pangea Village, with a very versatile and useful group page feature, that allows for file sharing and building  discussions and written materials. Log in or register to join Pangea Village by following any of the links bellow, and join in the group discussions.

Community Resilience Projects

Causes for Concern and Action

Research and Innovation Collaborations

Event Planning


You can also Create A New Group in Pangea Village



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