What is Pangea Research?

Pangea Research is  an online space where people can collaborate on research and innovation, as well as working together towards causes of common interest, in ways that are meaningful and eventful in the real world.

Pangea Village is a place to get involved with and effect positive change for the betterment of all life on earth. It is the social networking and group discussions feature of the Pangea Research network. We are motivated and committed to providing empowering tools, helping people to connect in ways that other popular social media networks and media sites are not providing.

This is not just  place for passing comments and impulsive reactions to memes and posts that seam to be floating by in a rapid stream. Pangea is where real people with real world goals and dreams can network with like-minded individuals and affiliate with groups with which we can be creative and productive with our use of our online networking time. We want to see our networking on Pangea become a meaningful tool in helping us to build our real life networks, of friends in allies who we seek to work with directly outside of the cyber-world, taking online discussions to planning real face-to-face meetings, work parties, public hearings and other events.  We hope to strengthen local economies, cottage industry and community innovation collaborations.

More and more people everyday are logging on to the internet with a hope and intention to find out where or how they can become a part of something that they can feel good about, that will make a difference for our future, to make a better world for ourselves, our relatives, communities and neighbors.

In a world with such a large and growing population, there seams to be too much reliance on a few major news media sources as well as representatives of governments and international non-government organizations and corporate executives for news about what challenges we face and the forming of answers and solutions to these challenges. Because of the interest of some to hold the attention of the masses on their particular industry perspectives and goals, there is not enough real meaningful dialogue being facilitated online for locally based, grassroots activities. While much of what the creators of the Pangea Research site are wanting to accomplish is about connecting people all over the world and giving people the ability to network and collaborate effectively, and to accomplish goals across national boundaries and among people of various cultures, backgrounds and economic situations, this site should assist with building effective local and regional partnership as well.

By breaking down some of the the societal barriers in communication, we bring about real transparency and accountability of all potential or ongoing corporate or government action being taken in any given region.  We hope that by bringing more light and communication, we will be better able to point out and solve some of societies ills, such as the unhealthy effects of corruption and organized crime, nefarious tools used for influencing government and industry, will not be so dominant and prevalent as they have been historically.

Here at Pangea Research we are optimistic about the potential that we have as individuals and as a worldwide village of thoughtful consideration for the earth and the living beings of the earth. We intend to use technology in a way that does not continue to bring people farther away from nature and the real word around them while making excuses for pollution, over-exploitation and militarized police states that serve corporate needs over the rights and dignity of people and the sanctity a healthy ecosystems. We look forward to technology helping us to do what our thoughtful and wise ancestors saw as being so important that they often spoke of it as part of the original instructions, to cultivate and be stewards of the earth in such a way that we can truly live and thrive in a way of life that values and preserves, to the best of our abilities,  a paradise existence for all life.

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